Miss Dem

From diatribes on life in general to interviews with prominent Maine Progressives, The Mysterious Miss Dem’s blogs are meant to bring together activists, astute voters and general idealists who share the goal of working for the common good. To that end, I work hard to avoid anti-Bush banter, choosing instead to focus primarily on issues that affect real people, and what we can do to address those issues. I prefer idealistic action over cynical stagnation. And, this isn’t simply some online personality; it’s something I actually put into practice.

This blog began in the Spring of 2006 as a MySpace profile designed to reach out to Maine Democrats during the 2006 campaign as a means for building a socical network by which information could be shared. Over time, the readership has increased to a point where loyal readers are reviewing the blogs daily. And as I’ve begun to blog more in response to the increased audience, the MySpace format became far more limiting for the types of material I wanted to continue to produce. For a while, I wrote on a dedicated web site, but the HTML coding took a bit more time than I had to contribute. Not to say that I can’t code (I confess, I’m no expert, but…). Coding just takes a lot of time. So, I’ve once again adapted to life and changed platforms. Perhaps if I find myself with a lot of time on my hands, I’ll go back to coding but that doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. So, welcome to the newly launched (again) blog of MissDem, the accidental advocate.
why the mystery?

While this blog certainly represents my personality and my opinions, the goal is to bring people together as a collective “We.” Revealing my identity makes this blog entirely about “Me” instead of bringing folks together around a Progressive vision.�


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