Miss Dem

{August 29, 2008}   Living History

There are times in life when you know in some small or big way that you are part of history in the making. Tonight, I was moved to tears – not simply by the words I heard from a leader of generations, but by the moment itself.

I am a strong believer in opportunity. It empowers in ways nothing else can. And tonight, we saw the return of the great American promise of opportunity. Opportunity to further ones education. Opportunity to provide for our families. Opportunity to get ahead with some self-initiative. Those opportunities have been taken from us in ways we can’t even quantify let alone comprehend. Each issue exacerbates the other until we are mired down in a malaise of missed chances and measured decisions.

Tonight, that paradigm has shifted. Like millions of Americans, I stood with a group of complete strangers watching a man I have never met change the world by speaking to the hearts and souls of each of us individually through collective consciousness.

We have lost faith in our government which, by default, means we have lost faith in ourselves. Tonight, we regain faith in ourselves, our neighbors and our country. Tonight, we take back the reigns of the government and again own what is rightfully ours.

To be awed is remarkable. To be inspired is incredible. And to be moved to collective action by the millions is a generational awakening. Tonight, we have awoken. Tonight, we have beaten back the pessimism and fear of our adversaries. Tonight, we are again proud, dignified Americans.

Yes, we can lead by the power of our example.

Yes, we can empower the powerless.

Yes, we can educate the illiterate.

Yes, we can create jobs by addressing climate change.

Yes, we can restore our faith in ourselves, our government and the dignity of our friends around the world.

Yes, we can make history. In fact, tonight we just did.


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