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{August 9, 2008}   i heart karl

14 August 2007 Rovian Legacy

I idolize Karl Rove.

I do.

In that sick, twisted way that moths are drawn to the flame, I too am a sucker for a nugget of his Confuscian insight into political strategy and communications.

We all should be secretly enamored with Mr. Boy Genius, even if we do loathe, detest and despise all that he embodies. He orchestrated our greatest defeats. He taught us to second guess our true nature and believe in the dark intent of nefarious forces. Darth Vader masqueraded as Luke Skywalker, and we as a country ate it up like an ice cream sundae.

We lost faith in ourselves, in our history and in our ideals. It was but a blip on the millennial radar screen, but a tight blip that brought about profound destruction, imperialistic tendencies and even a fear of hope itself.

Those who would question the rationale and intent of his beloved President were vilified, demonized and lynched in the public eye, with the public’s support. One by one, references to 1984 began to chip away at the references to 2001. Individual voices began to rise up from the ashes, voices whose purity could not be dissected and driven into the obscure gray cloud of suspicion.

As those voices became stronger, more diverse, Rove and his pet project, our own Manchurian candidate, raised his voice louder still in an attempt to drive down the insurgency that had developed underneath him. His own power, greed and inflated ego assured him as any arrogant king, that such dribble stemmed from a militant faction of the enemy party.

In fact it was the mob… I mean the people.

Conspiracy theorists, once the rubbish pile where enemies were publicly relegated to, they were now the unsung heroes of the populists who dared to dream as the founding fathers did. The idealists whose intent had been questioned almost as much as their sanity, passed along tidbit after tidbit of information to the grassroots armies that were building online. And like a virus, those pieces of information began to infiltrate the broader public and wear down the fabric of the neo-conservative quilt that Rove himself had sewn together.

Stitch by stitch by stitch, the quilt began to fray at the edges, and then it moved toward the center
and then even the fabric of the Republican party began to give as the lies and deceit and
control-mongering beleaguered even the devout.

Lives were lost in the Iraq war, the war that served as a distraction to the war going on right here
at home; the war for American capitulation. Our side suffered defeat after defeat as we pushed back
against the onslaught of fear and attempted to defend the troops whose lives had been put at risk for
political purposes.

But we pushed back, using the internet as a new form of guerilla warfare, firing off shots behind
blogs and building armies around social networking sites. Each time we pushed forward, new folks
gained the courage to speak out until the sound of Rove’s castle became overrun and his defeat was
at hand.

In true Rovian style, even his resignation caught everyone by surprise, not the least of which was the
Atlantic Monthly who was detailing Rove’s rise to fame and success in their latest, upcoming issue.
Even the hollow of the Capital’s August recess could not stall the cameras, mics and broad speculation.

Even in the White House, staffers for the Veep stood transfixed by the television following the
news stories with their fellow Americans, shocked themselves at Rove’s sudden departure. The current
staffer theory is that Rove will be back to help Guiliani’s race.

So does the departure signal defeat, or even a setback from the subpoenas, or does it signal the next
chapter in Rove’s obsession to be the mastermind behind the long-term Conservative foundation? Do
Democrats finally have an opportunity to relax and rejoice in the fall of the right hand to a would-be
dictator, or should we now, more than ever, be pushing harder to put the final nail in a coffin that
can’t quite be buried deep enough?

I say, enough with the balloons and noisemakers; We’ve got work to do.


~ MissDem


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